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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become an essential part of almost every kind of business. It is one of the marketing ways which can provide truly rewarding results. Social media marketing covers various avenues of the social media platforms giving your business the exposure that they require.

Our team of social media marketers have worked in numerous areas of businesses which allows them to draft a marketing strategy for you that will aid in the exponential growth of your business. Apart from that, these experts will be available at your service whenever you have any developing concerns or suggestions for the improvisation in the strategy or other aspects.

We have helped about hundreds of businesses in bringing their enterprises on the map. With various forms of marketing which are differentiated based on the social media platform, local areas and others, we try to cover every possible aspect for the social media marketing of your product or service.

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    Our Expertise

    With the years of experience in digital marketing, we have mastered various areas of the field. We offer services that will bring you exceptional results and aid the growth of your business. Right from the beginning to the end, we will draft you marketing plans that are best-suited for you.

    Social Media Marketing


    Facebook provides several privileges for those who wish to promote their business on this social media platform. This is also one of the best ways to let several people know about your businesses. There are various features as well that allow one to customize the ads as per the business model.
    Social Media Marketing


    When it comes to Instagram, the ads that can be promoted are quite pocket friendly. This allows in reaching out to more people conveniently. Besides, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms by people of all ages across the world.
    Social Media Marketing


    Twitter is the place where people speak their mind. Being smart with the paid ads on Twitter will allow in drawing a considerable amount of traffic to the page. Therefore, paid ads on Twitter can be truly helpful for the better organic results on the search engines.
    Social Media Marketing


    LinkedIn is a professional social media platform which helps the businesses in setting their standards. With the right marketing strategy, coupled with paid ads, LinkedIn can turn out to be incredibly useful.

    Why Reality Bits for Social Media Marketing

    We have been able to serve honestly to all of our customers and have helped them in expanding and growing their business. This has been possible because of some of our exceptional qualities.

    Better Online Exposure

    We create and maintain a social media presence for you where you are shown regularly active. This way, engagement and growing traffic is ensured.

    High Search Rankings

    The content is customized to rank in the search engines through a marketing strategy called SEO. Google and other search engines recognize you and present you to the potential users.

    Improved Customer Reach

    With customized posts and regular activity on social media, we give a personal touch to the marketing. This aids in an improved customer reach.

    Enhanced Customer Trust

    By providing SMM services for several years, we have developed a sense of trust with our customers. It is so because we believe in building trust before we continue to offer services on a larger scale.


    Our Customer Valuable Feedback

    • It was really a great experience working with Reality-Bit Pvt. Ltd., you are one among the consultant whom I can rely on in any challenges I face in getting right talent and that to quickly and really foresee to work in future likewise.
      Manju Nair
      Reality Bit
    • We would like to thank Reality-Bit Pvt. Ltd. for their continuous, sincere, and professional efforts for fulfilling our manpower needs, the level of commitment and dedication shown by the Reality-Bit Pvt. Ltd. team, in executing their responsibilities is commendable.
      Rohini More
    • I have been using RS Signatoure for 6 months now, the professionalism exhibited from the day one phone call from Asha to delivering extremely high-quality service to my business. I highly recommend their services. If anyone is looking for a digital marketing company please reach out to them.
      Peter Mendoza, Managing Director, Motor care group and Superb Scratch And Dent

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Social media marketing in simple terms is to make use of social media platforms to reach and engage your targeted audience for your product or service.

    A social media marketing strategy can be evolved by first looking into your buyer’s persona and then identifying as to which platform or medium of communication is best suitable. There is no straight strategy or Omni strategy, it has to be derived by considering many variables and it can be unique for everyone.

    Social Media works as a supporter for your paid campaigns and it is also an organic way to build your brand, increase your presence, and connect with your audience. Through social media, you can identify how your brand is perceived or what is your brand image in the eyes of your targeted audience

    “The main objective of social media marketing is promoting your brand, products, and services. Social media marketing agencies helps with

    1. Building Brand’s Recognition
    2. Getting new clientele/Engaging existing clients
    3. Highlighting brand values
    4. Brand promotions
    5. Dealing with competitors
    6. Achieving goals in less time and budget”

    “There isn’t any defined process for carrying out a social media campaign for a brand.” Social media marketing isn’t only about the social media channels; it’s about the people available on these channels. So the social media processes involve decoding the audience insights and developing strategies (tone of platforms, engaging behaviour of the audience, time of media activities, type of contents etc.) for creating a sustained online presence. For some people, the ever-evolving digital landscape is thrilling. It gives them something new to read every morning, something new to do every day and something new to aspire every moment. For others, it’s an unpredictable and painful process that involves more work and fewer results. Social media marketing will prove to be beneficial for you only if your social media agency understands your brand and your audience. Developing content won’t help much. The same needs to be channelized at the right time and customized for the right audience. The process, in short, should be:

    • Understanding the objective
    • Understanding the brand
    • Researching the audience
    • Content creation
    • Content customization
    • Channelization

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