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Get International Recruitment solutions with Reality-BIt

Reality-BIT has established itself as one of the innovative and fastest growing recruitment organizations across Europe and the Middle East.

We are an energetic and forward-thinking organization, with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment of the local and international recruitment industry. Leveraging many years of experience in professional recruitment, we strive to maintain the standards and recognition we have achieved over the last decade.

Why companies choose Reality-bit as an International Recruitment services partner


At times it is necessary to receive some additional training to be fit for a job. Although you may be qualified and the firm has selected you, at times it becomes difficult to cope with the requirements. The employer always has the best interest of the candidate in mind and hence we do everything in our power to make sure you are prepared for the job.


Career counseling is very important for young graduates since helps steer them in the career of their choice. In addition, to which workingprofessionals can also benefit from career counselors in either determining if they have taken a wrong career path or in seeking an alternative one.

Special Recruitment

We specialize in executive search, staffing, contract hire as well as project-based hiring. Thus proving more flexibility to all concerned.


Besides you can take advantage of our top-notch recruitment services.

Best International Recruitment Company in India

There are several HR consulting firms in India, however, being one of the top recruitment consultants in India comes with great responsibility too. It is needless to say that International recruitment is very different from recruiting locally since there are many other factors to consider and process to be done. To start with, it is necessary to have the appropriate visa and travel information. Besides which it is also essential to educate the candidate regarding the place of work itself, accommodation, etc.


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